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 15 March 2024 - 8 September 2024

Broncia Koller-Pinell (1863–1934) was more prominent on the international art scene than virtually any other female artist associated with Viennese Modernism. By the age of twenty-seven, she was already exhibiting at the Vienna Künstlerhaus.

 Her greatest successes came later with the Kunstschau group founded by Gustav Klimt. In 2024 the Belvedere is dedicating an exhibition to Broncia Koller-Pinell featuring not only her major works but also delving into the painter’s network and her activities to promote art.

 By including Broncia Koller-Pinell’s artistic milieu, we can trace her stylistic development from the late nineteenth-century Munich School to Impressionism and the New Objectivity in the 1920s.

 Interactions and influences will be demonstrated in the paintings and graphic art by artists such as Robin Christian Andersen, Anton Faistauer, Albert Paris Gütersloh, Karl Hofer, Koller-Pinell’s daughter Silvia Koller, Koloman Moser, Egon Schiele, Heinrich Schröder, and Franz von Zülow. The exhibition will also explore the role of Broncia Koller-Pinell and her husband Hugo Koller as patrons of the arts.

Curated by Katharina Lovecky and Alexander Klee.

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