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 The exhibition features a selection of high-caliber artworks from the Heidi Horten Collection, curated in three thematic categories that represent the collection's principal content areas: Expressionism, especially in its German variant; art from the 1960s and 1970s, with a specific emphasis on U.S., Italian, and German positions and painting and sculpture in the field of tension between figuration and abstraction.

 Visitors of the museum will play a significant role in the exhibition concept. They will have the opportunity to select around twenty artworks from the collection, either on-site or through social media, which will then then be permanently displayed in a special area of the museum. We is inherently linked to the WOW! exhibition that took place in 2018. Following its successful presentation at the Leopold Museum in Vienna, Heidi Goëss-Horten decided to build a museum to permanently house the collection, with the goal of making it accessible to a broader audience and creating an art experience for anyone to enjoy.


In an era where digital engagement is reshaping our experiences, the Heidi Horten Collection introduces the groundbreaking #ARTfluence initiative. This avant-garde concept puts the museum visitors at its heart: their voices shape the museum of tomorrow. Both on-site and through social networks, they have the opportunity to vote for their favorite pieces from the collection, determining which artworks will secure a permanent spot in the exhibition come Autumn 2024. 

This participatory approach transforms the traditional museum experience from a purely observational act into an interactive journey, blurring the lines between traditional curatorial roles and audience participation. #ARTfluence not only fosters a deeper connection to the artworks but also intriguingly redefines the boundary between the museum and its community. A bold move that demonstrates how the Heidi Horten Collection bridges the gap between tradition and contemporary art appreciation.

An exhibition guide for the Heidi Horten Collection will be released to coincide with the show.


Sie haben Grenzen überschritten, provoziert, erneuert, inspiriert. Die Brücke-Maler und der Blaue Reiter, die Pioniere der Pop Art und des Abstrakten Expressionismus. Die Ausstellung WE♥️, kuratiert von Direktorin Agnes Husslein-Arco, vereint das Abenteuer „Moderne“ an einem einzigen Ort. Entdecken Sie die Meilensteine der Kunst des 20. 

Jahrhunderts. Von Franz Marcs roten Rehen zu Mark Rothkos Energiefeldern, von Warhols Marilyns zu Basquiats Graffiti-Botschaften offenbart die Ausstellung in Wiens jüngstem Museum für moderne und zeitgenössische Kunst die Geschichten hinter bahnbrechenden Werken. Was macht sie so einzigartig und warum lieben wir sie?

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