domingo, 27 de septiembre de 2015


Existential wranglings over the morality of murder are all very well, but some new ideas wouldn’t go amiss
The (im)morality of murder has long been a recurrent theme for Woody Allen, from his own bungling Boris anguishing about shooting Napoleon inLove and Death (“he’ll bleed on the carpet”) through Martin Landau’s Judah hiring a hitman to kill his lover in Crimes and Misdemeanors, to Jonathan Rhys Meyers’s Chris turning gunman in Match Point. This latest straight-faced offering retreads old ground. Joaquin Phoenix is the dissolute philosophy professor who makes an existential decision to commit the perfect crime, rediscovering his libido in the process.
 From the lazily repetitive use of the Ramsey Lewis trio’s The In Crowd to the naff student/tutor fantasies of its central relationship (Emma Stone is the besotted pupil while Parker Posey draws the short straw as a screechy academic) this is terribly pedestrian. Let’s hope theAmazon deal puts new lead in Allen’s pencil.

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