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At the 72nd Venice film festival hosted the first screening of the film by Russian Director Alexander Sokurov’s «La Francophonie. Louvre the time of German occupation». As informs «Interfax», the show was performed to a full house — the auditorium was Packed.
«Francophonie» is a documentary film about the measures, which took the Director of the Louvre Jacques Ajar and the Chairman of the Commission for the conservation of the art of the Wehrmacht Wolff Metternich to protect cultural heritage. In the film there is a lot of fictional characters and also characters from the past — a symbol of the French Republic Marianne, Napoleon and others. Throughout the painting behind the scenes the voice of Sokurov, who tells the story.
«Francophonie» is an art-historical study using documentary and fiction techniques», previously told the Director, noting that the history of salvation of the Louvre is the story of the world’s mistakes.
«It’s not just French or German history is world history, this world experience world of mistakes and overcoming them, the story of the amazing events and actions, which managed to save the country and the art of the Louvre», — said Sokurov in July.

He said in an interview with Business FMthat Russia was not involved in the financing of the film. «It was my idea, I am script writer and Director of this film, and financed this film three countries — France, Germany and the Netherlands. Involved in this and the Louvre, the Louvre Museum, participates in the charm, Oh, and various funds and so on. Yes, it really is completely one hundred percent Western Finance. But for contemporary cinema international funding — perfect normal, and it’s nothing special.»
In his view, the «Francophonie» in Russia is not interesting for the audience: «I think my new film in Russia will not show it here simply don’t need. Distributors are not interested in, which is not surprising — who will be here to see it?»
The Director also does not expect to receive any prizes at the Venice film festival, despite the fact that the European audience, according to Sokurov, will be interesting to see the «Francophonie» — «there is a lot of interesting circumstances, historical facts, there is great music of our composer young — Murat Kavardakova, a graduate of St. Petersburg Conservatory».
«I have to say that this picture has nothing to get, because she frankly humanitarian character, frankly humanitarian-historical direction. On the one hand, it is too complicated for such festivals, and on the other hand, it is too direct, open, honest, I would say. For prizes rooting is not necessary for us in this case is more important at such a high level just a picture to show,» said Sokurov.
He also complained that it does not support the Russian authorities. «I am a citizen of Russia, of course, it is important for me that there are people who support me at home. I would, of course, even more would have had the support of the economic side of the state, but, unfortunately, it’s not.»
Earlier he said: «I didn’t even try to ask for money from the Ministry of culture — I wouldn’t get it. I’m not interested in how uninteresting the Second world war from the point of view of humanitarian experience. Interesting different look».
However, as notes «Interfax», the film has many references to the history of Russia, in particular, the author tells a lot about the siege of Leningrad and the salvation of the masterpieces of the Hermitage. The final credits are treated in a peculiar manner the tune of the Russian national anthem.
Music written by Russian composer Murat Cabarrocas. Operator — Bruno Delbonnel, who previously worked with Sokurov. The film starred Louis to de Lanxin, Benjamin Atzeret, Vincent Nemeth, Joanna Korthals-Altes. The producers of the picture — Pierre-Olivier bard, Thomas Bank, ELS Vandervorst in joint production with the Louvre Museum and Arte France Cinema.

The 72nd Venice film festival on Lido island from 2 to 12 September. Chairman of the jury was a Mexican film Director, Oscar winner Alfonso cuarón.

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