domingo, 16 de abril de 2023


Half Six Fix: John Adams' Harmonielehre

Wed 19 Apr 2023, 18:30,Barbican Hall

Half Six Fix is a 60-minute burst of music to kick-start your evening. Grab a drink and take your seat, as Sir Simon Rattle introduces you to the vast, visionary expanses of John Adams’ Harmonielehre.

Journey back to 1980s California. You’re standing on San Francisco’s Bay Bridge when a supertanker suddenly rockets into the air. Strange, yearning music plays beneath blue Californian skies. And amid the stars, a medieval monk chatters away to an all-American baby. Those are the visions that inspired John Adams’ Harmonielehre. It’s a modern classic on a blockbuster scale, and Sir Simon Rattle adores it.

Adams grabs images from pop culture and collides them with a pulsing, glittering symphony orchestra. Some regard him as America’s greatest living composer and this evening, you might discover why.

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