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The Festival

The Baalbeck* International Festival (FIB) is the oldest and the most prestigious festival in the Middle East.

In 1955, a cultural association organized the first activities within the Roman Acropolis.

In 1956, Camille Chamoun, then President of the Republic, founded the "Baalbeck International Festival" managed by twelve benevolent members. It became one of the government’s institutions whose mission would patronize and encourage the country cultural and touristic life. Since then the FIB has been taking place annually during the months of July and August in the Roman ruins of the Baalbek Temples.

In 1966, the FIB started a drama school to promote Lebanese authors’ works for the stage, confirming its role as a patron of the arts.

The FIB evolved into a major cultural event celebrating classical music, opera, jazz, modern world music, Lebanese Nights, rock and pop music as well as ballet and theatre. Many of the world’s leading artists appeared on our stages.

After an interim (1975-1996), due to the Lebanese Civil War, the FIB came alive once again finding back its past glory with the top echelon of international, regional and local artists.

Dramatic lighting and a unique historic setting provided the background of the varied presentations, amazing 40,000 spectators each summer.

Owing to the highly volatile situation prevailing in the country since the latter half of 2006 and through the year 2007, the Executive Committee had to cancel all the representations in Baalbek. However, we managed to successfully hold in Beirut by early December 2006 three full house performances of the Rahbani brothers’ renowned musical comedy "Sah El Nom" featuring Fairuz, the legendary Lebanese singer.

Since August 2008 the FIB regained its place in the line of the most prestigious International Festivals.
ZUCCHERO - Chocabeck World Tour 2012
Considered as the biggest Italian pop star, Zucchero has sold over 40 million records worldwide and has achieved numerous awards. His music is a unique mix of blues, soul, gospel and Italian melodies. 

Saber Rebaï is an accomplished artist, singer and songwriter, said to be the prince and superstar of the Arab song.
He has been touring the world, the Arab countries, Europe, America, Australia and South Korea, performing in the most prestigious venues such 

JJessye Norman is the diva of our times. Recognized by all for her unique voice that has made her the most sought after opera singer in the world, Jessye Norman has marked the field of lyrical song by her unique stamp.

Born of a nocturnal encounter at the American University of Beirut in 2008, Mashrou’ Leila is a seven-member band that fuses the craft of a music workshop with the punch of stadium rock. With their distinct approach to storytelling and orchestration, 

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