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Piotr Beczała holds an honorary doctorate

On May 17, during a momentous ceremony, Piotr Beczała received the title of doctor honoris causa at his alma mater Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice.

Photo: ©Marcin Krupa

“This is a day every artist dreams of. Being a musician is a beautiful profession. As someone once said: happy is the one who does what he loves, because he will not work a single day in his life. That is why I am a happy person” – Piotr Beczała said during the ceremony.

“As an artist, Piotr respects and applies the rules of art, looking for both beauty and good. Aesthetic values are found in the belcant fluency of phrases, supported by a beautiful and natural tone of voice. We find the ethos of moral values in his respectful attitude towards his profession, characterized by humility, persistence and remarkable consistency in striving for artistic perfection” – said Prof. Jan Ballarin, who was teaching Piotr Beczała during his student years at the Academy.

The artist will also conduct master classes and on May 21, he will perform a concert with a selected group of students. „The level of the Academy and its beauty is simply amazing in many respects! I am very happy to be here and to experience it!” – wrote Piotr Beczała, who is a graduate of the Vocal-Acting Faculty of Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice, where he studied in the years 1986-1992.


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