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“When he appeared in the fashion world it was like watching the sunrise and that sun is still shining,” Karl Lagerfeld once said about Claudia Schiffer which is for many the best of those iconic mannequins of the nineties which were baptized as top model. The German turns 50 today away from the media spotlight, but with a busy work schedule: you already have a new capsule collection of eight basic garments for the signature of Être Cecile, and is also preparing a exhibition on fashion photographers of his time: “I will share my personal journey as well as the incredible work of some of the most important artists in the industry,” Schiffer announced last week on his Instagram, before a table full of magazines

The exhibition will open in March 2021 at the Kunstpalast museum in Dusseldorf, the city where Claudia Schiffer, aged 17 and 1.80 m tall, fI was discovered by a talent scout, while dancing in a disco, and proposed to be a model: “I thought it was a joke (…) And in a few weeks … I found myself in Paris! So, I started to believe in guardian angels. There were too many chances that something like this wouldn’t happen. In fact, that night I didn’t even have planned to go out, “she explained to the magazine. She, in 2018, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary in the world of fashion.

Her rise was meteoric and at the beginning of the nineties that German girl was already the undisputed queen of the catwalks, of fashion magazines and the most desired model by firms. In its beginnings, two names are fundamental to its success: the American jeans firm Guess, with which he starred in his first advertising campaign with an image that reminded of the French actress Brigitte Bardot. And it was also fundamental his compatriot Karl Lagerfeld, which made her a muse for Chanel and raised her to the Olympus of fashion. “Karl was my fairy godmother, he transformed me from a shy German girl into a supermodel. She taught me everything about fashion, style and survival in this business, ”the German wrote after the designer’s death………….

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