jueves, 20 de agosto de 2020


An Xiao Mina joins us to discuss why the new kid on the social media block is causing waves in halls of power around the world.

Hrag Vartanian

The recent news that the White House may ban the social media platform TikTok has people wondering, why? While Silicon Valley social giants, like Twitter and Facebook, have avoided similar threats, the question remains why TikTok, which is owned by a Chinese company but has headquarters in the UK and the US, is causing so much condemnation.

I invite author, artist, and technologist An Xiao Mina to discuss her recent article “Bread and TikTok for the Mass,” and why the social platform continues to irk the powers that be. We also discuss the passing of poet Dinos Christianopoulos, whose line “They Tried to Bury Us, They Didn’t Know We Were Seeds” has become a staple of protests the world over.

Thanks to YutaY for providing the music to this week’s episode. His new track “Run” is available on Apple Music and Spotify, and you can follow him on Facebook.

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