domingo, 16 de agosto de 2020


In light of developments surrounding COVID-19, the exhibition is temporarily closed to the public. We encourage you to explore the exhibition remotely through the selection of installation images and digital materials gathered below.

For her first solo exhibition in the United States, Spanish artist Dora García (b. Valladolid, 1965) focuses on her work of the recent years to open new platforms of analysis, reflection and visibility. Through a practice that prioritizes the use of performance in a participative manner, García will transform the Lois Foster Gallery into a living platform to investigate the relationship between audience, architecture and artistic work.    

Love with Obstacles includes both newly commissioned works and existing projects, and also features drawings, films, intervened documents and letters that will be activated through performances and readings to articulate a collective space where dialogue is central. Two newly commissioned works will be premiered at the Rose Art Museum: the film Love with Obstacles (trailer here), focusing on the legacy of the extraordinary author, feminist, October revolutionary, political exile and diplomat, Alexandra Kollontai (St. Petersburg,1872– Moscow, 1952) who advocated for the sexual emancipation of women and radical equality; The Labyrinth of Female Freedom, a performance where female poetics and politics meet; and a new production of García's series Golden Sentences: the sentence "She has many names" opens the exhibition.

Love with Obstacles also brings together for the first time rarely seen documents from Brandeis University Special Collections that the artist has personally selected and classified, highlighting  the institution´s unique legacy of committed work to social justice and in the struggle for human rights.

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