martes, 3 de mayo de 2022


This discussion looks back over the Festival’s 75 year history and delves into the importance of the arts in times of crisis as part of our Refuge series.

In 1947, Rudolf Bing directed the first Edinburgh International Festival, now considered to be the leading annual celebration of arts and culture in the world. Join our panel to reflect on the International Festival’s origins and question the role of the arts in times of crisis. As we navigate a post-pandemic world, how has our understanding of interdependency changed, and how will the arts continue to bring us together?

As part of Refuge, artists, practitioners, academics and community leaders from across the globe come together in conversation, offering their perspectives on themes of internationalism, migration, displacement, inclusion and climate justice.

The Refuge series is supported by British Council, Edinburgh Futures Institute at the University of Edinburgh and Claire and Mark Urquhart

Made possible through the PLACE programme

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