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Encouraging Outstanding Opera Talent
 Les Azuriales Opera focuses on finding truly outstanding young artists and making a significant difference to their early operatic careers. We have an excellent track record of identifying and encouraging talented young singers through our existing Masterclass and Competition programme.

We conduct:
  • rigorous selection auditions;
  • a summer masterclass and singing competition in the South of France;
  • an annual London showcase concert;
  • a small number of opera performances in the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild (Cap Ferrat, France) to support this initiative.

    In addition we aim to
  • Arrange at least one other week long programme for young artists;
  • Provide young artists with performance opportunities;
  • Award scholarships  and bursaries to help young artists with specific projects which will make a significant difference to their careers;
  • Encourage in the creation of new work for the voice.
  •  http://azurialopera.com/home

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