domingo, 12 de julio de 2020


Specialized in architecture, Patrizia Mussa began her series dedicated to Italian theatres in the early 2000s. Her aim is to capture the very essence of these places which she considers as "open forms", spaces transformed by time.

Teatro Farnese,

The artist photographs the theaters of her country, which she does not only consider as historic places. She thinks of them as “open spaces”, architectural spaces transformed by time. Patrizia Mussa wants to capture the essence of these places. Since 2016, her work has gone beyond simple photography. She uses pastel to enhance her hand prints, in a very subtle way. Thus reinterpreted as photopastels, as she calls them, her images go beyond reality. The artist offers a personal and revisited reading, giving her own definition of theater. Because the theater is also a place for the imagination where dream and poetry coexist and colors allow her to imagine it as she would like it to have been, that is, and that remains.

Teatro della Reggia di Caserta,

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