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Marcus Aurelius was Roman Emperor from 161 to 180. He was the last of the Five Good Emperors, and is also considered one of the most important Stoic philosophers.

While on campaign between 170 and 180, Aurelius wrote his Meditations in Greek as a source for his own guidance and self-improvement. The title of this work was added posthumously—originally he titled his work simply: "To Myself". He had a logical mind and his notes were representative of Stoic philosophy and spirituality.

Meditations is still revered as a literary monument to a government of service and duty. The book has been a favourite of Frederick the Great, John Stuart Mill, Matthew Arnold, Goethe, Wen Jiabao, and Bill Clinton.

This collection contains two different translations of the original text. The latter, The Thoughts of the Emperor, is annotated while the former, Meditations, is formatted for easy reading.

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