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 14 June 2022 to 2 October 2022

The Institut du monde arabe [Arab World Institute] welcomes you to the world premiere of The Horizon of Khufu. A Journey in Ancient Egypt: an immersive virtual reality expedition of unprecedented scope transporting visitors to the heart of one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

A Wonder of the World. The only remaining one of seven to have stood the test of time. Witness to Egypt’s 4,500-year-old architectural prowess, the Great Pyramid of Khufu has dominated the Giza Plateau and the city of Cairo for millennia. 

Erected between 2,590 and 2,565 BC, the 146-meter-high stone edifice was originally the largest ever built by man. Conceived to house King Khufu in his final resting place, the pyramid continues to this day to attract and fascinate visitors from all over the world.

From June 14 to October 2, 2022, the Arab World Institute presents the world premiere of the immersive expedition, The Horizon of Khufu. 

This unique and yet unseen experience – the result of three years’ research and development by EMISSIVE, the French flagship developer and award-winning company in virtual and augmented reality – invites visitors into the illusion of travelling freely, thanks to virtual reality equipment and a journey across over 500-square-meters, into the heart of one of the most significant archaeological sites of human civilization.

Geared with an immersive device – a connected backpack and headset – at the cutting-edge of innovation, participants are transported within seconds to the foot of the highest-reaching pyramid in Egypt as the sun sets onto it. 

They are greeted by Mona, their guide throughout this 45-minute virtual tour exposing them to the architectural mastery and countless mysteries of the tomb.

Visitors – each impersonated by an avatar – first step into the pyramid, the beginning of a winding wander through galleries and spaces, many of which are off-limits to the public, before reaching its top where a breath-taking view of modern Cairo and the Giza Plateau unfolds before their eyes. 

As they climb to the peak and roam freely across the monument, they grasp the intricacies of its use in ancient times while learning about the latest archaeological discoveries at the site. Finally, the virtual traveller embarks aboard a solar barque on the Nile, bearing witness to the funerary rite of King Khufu, 3,000 years before our era.

The Horizon of Khufu has been conceived in partnership with Peter Der Manuelian, Philip J. King Professor of Egyptology at Harvard University and Director of the Giza Project. He and his team supervised the making of this experience, ensuring its scientific accuracy through architectural and historical data applied in the reconstitution of the site and re-enactment of ancient practices.

By welcoming for the second time EMISSIVE, founding structure behind the EXCURIO brand, French leader in immersive cultural experiences and winner of numerous awards, the Arab World Institute once again demonstrates its commitment to supporting new forms of cultural mediation and edutainment. 

Through this expedition, children and adults alike are invited to live through an innovative, instructive, fun and deeply sensory and poetic experience.


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