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 Marcia Ree

An exploration of the radical artists who transformed the ways art is conceived, exhibited, and collected, through the Dada, Surrealist, and Fluxus collections of Jean and Leonard Brown.

Throughout the 1960s, Jean and Leonard Brown used their radical tastes, prescient instincts, and friendships with artists to assemble an extensive archive of Dada and Surrealist publications and prints—including works by Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, and Tristan Tzara. After Leonard’s death in 1970, Jean’s attention turned to Fluxus and other contemporary genres. Jean also established a site of alternative art production at her Shaker Seed House in Tyringham, Massachusetts, where she invited artists to engage with her collections.

Fluxus works embraced the social and political critiques of earlier avant-garde artists and questioned the authority of the increasingly powerful contemporary art world of critics, collectors, curators, and gallerists. This examination of artists and their antiestablishment demands for change shows how their art was created, performed, exhibited, and collected in new ways that intentionally challenged traditional modes. By providing an expanded understanding of avant-garde and Fluxus artists through the lens of the Jean Brown Archive at the Getty Research Institute, this volume demonstrates the profound influence these artists had on contemporary art.

This volume is published to accompany a future exhibition at the Getty Research Institute at the Getty Center.

Marcia Reed is chief curator and associate director of the Getty Research Institute.

144 pages

10 x 10 inches

103 color illustrations

ISBN 978-1-60606-662-1


Getty Publications

Imprint: Getty Research Institute

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