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The National Museum of American History is seeking first-person accounts for Stories of 2020, a time capsule about the whirlwind year.

by Hakim Bishara

The Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History wants to hear how you coped with 2020, a year we all wish we could forget.


The Washington, DC museum is seeking first-person accounts of last year for Stories of 2020, a time capsule for posterity. Anyone aged 18 or older is encouraged to share memories and personal stories from 2020 to be preserved in the museum’s digital archives, no matter how “big or small” they may seem, says the museum.

The Smithsonian created an online submission form with some guiding questions for entries. The questions touch on last year’s major events, including the COVID-19 pandemic, life in quarantine, and the historic protests against racism and police brutality. Some of the examples are:

How did you experience protests in your town?

How was your daily life changed by the pandemic?

What does the “new normal” at work look like?

What memory of quarantining with your family will most stay with you?

The online submission form also allows participants to submit up to five photos and one video.

“We’re working to create an inclusive portrait of this year, but we can’t do it alone,” the museum said on Twitter. “We need your story, too.”

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