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In 1839, on board the “Thetis”, the young Wagner heard the sailors evoke the legend of the “Cursed Mariner”. Stubbornly persisting in his desire to follow a dangerous course in a storm, a Dutch captain defies heaven and as punishment is doomed to eternally roam the seas unless a woman agrees to die with him. Senta recounts the legend when she first appears on stage.

When the Dutchman suddenly appears, the romantic young woman does not hesitate to accept the hand he extends and that will lead her towards the ultimate sacrifice. Wagner’s first masterpiece, Der fliegende Holländer, brings together the themes dear to the composer: restless wandering, redemption through death and unbridled emotions all brilliantly conveyed by the orchestra. In his production, Willy Decker spares no effort in portraying the storm which rages as much in the music as in the protagonists’ hearts.


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