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Approximate running time 3 hrs. 5 min.
Joyce DiDonato and Juan Diego Flórez join forces for this Rossini showcase of bel canto virtuosity, set in the medieval Scottish highlands. DiDonato is the “lady of the lake” of the title, and Flórez is the king who relentlessly pursues her, with their vocal fireworks embellishing the tragic plot. This Met premiere production is directed by Paul Curran and conducted by Michele Mariotti.
Co-production of the Metropolitan Opera and the Santa Fe Opera
Production a gift of the Betsy and Edward Cohen/Areté Foundation Fund for New Productions & Revivals, and Dominique and Frédéric Laffont
Additional funding from Mr. and Mrs. William R. Miller, and William and Helen Little
"Joyce DiDonato emerges triumphant. It doesn't take much courage to tell the listening public that DiDonato is among the world's greatest singing actors of any voice type; on Monday she was beyond perfect... a performance that may ultimately stand as a high point in her already lofty career... her tone was pure honey, her coloratura effortlessly fluttering, her ornamentation fearless." (NY Classical Review)

"The wondrous Ms. DiDonato and Mr. Mariotti, the fast-rising young Italian conductor, seemed almost in competition to see who could make music with more delicacy. Ms. DiDonato sang Rossini's beguiling phrases with soft yet penetrating richness, subtly folding ornaments and runs into the long melodic arcs. And Mr. Mariotti drew hushed gentle and transparent playing from the inspired Met orchestra." (New York Times)
"Joyce DiDonato surpass[es] herself in the technical triathlon that is the role of Elena... The Paul Curran production creates highly atmospheric environment with moody twilight skies and an expansive platform in which a variety of dramatic situations are able to unfold." (WQXR)
Juan Diego Flórez "was energetic and passionate as ever in his portrayal of the masquerading young warrior-king. His molten-gold voice was in excellent form." (NY Classical Review)
"Mr. Flórez makes a youthful, charming and impassioned king. Vocally he was at his best... He tossed off runs and roulades effortlessly and dispatched exciting high notes." (New York Times)
Daniela Barcellona brought "noble, mellow-toned and ardent singing" to the role of Malcolm... John Osborn as Rodrigo "sang fearlessly, with big, bright sound, and fully conveyed the feistiness of this character."
Conductor Michele Mariotti, "who excels in the bel canto repertory, demonstrated how to breathe with singers while maintaining the shape and impetus of the music." (New York Times)

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