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SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — Pattie Boyd lived a life with two rock ‘n’ roll legends and she captured much of it on film. Her unique collection of private photos are on display through March in a special show at the San Francisco Art Exchange.
Boyd says she first met George Harrison on the set of The Beatles’ movie “A Hard Day’s Night.”
“When I first looked at George, I thought ‘my God’ I was so bowled over about how good-looking he was,” Boyd recalls.
Two years later, Harrison and Boyd were married and he composed “Something,” one of the Fab Four’s great love songs, just for her.
Around that time, Harrison’s good friend Eric Clapton also wrote a rock classic — “Layla” — for her. Boyd had no idea Clapton was obsessed with her.
“He [Clapton] phoned the house one evening, he said that he missed me and wanted to see more of me. And I didn’t really put two-and-two together,” Boyd said.

One of Pattie Boyd’s photos of Eric Clapton with George Harrison.

After ten years, Boyd’s marriage to Harrison ended and she married Clapton.
“It was a cop-out, it was an easy way forward for me,” Boyd admits. “I think George was the greatest love of my life, really.”
Boyd’s photos of life with Eric Clapton reveal how an initially happy marriage eventually dissolved.
She remembers watching Clapton sleeping and knowing what was in his dreams.
“I would see his toes tapping [and realize] he’s listening to music even when he was fast asleep,” she told KPIX 5’s Linda Yee.
Boyd is philosophical when considering that two of rock’s greatest love songs were composed for her.
“I’m completely bowled over and amazed they were written for me,” she says. “But it was inside them — the creatively was all theirs. I just happened to be there.” 


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