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Internationally awarded automotive photographer Piotr Degler launches his long awaited new coffee-table book “Made in Italy”. The culmination of more than a decade of work portraying extraordinary Italian concept cars and iconic limited edition models.

This is not just “another car book”, but it presents, in the "Masterpieces" section, 100 high quality images with painstaking attention to detail. 80% of the photographs have never been seen before, as they where shot exclusively for this book. The blend of images creates what the author calls “a visual experience”, never monotone, but trying to awaken emotions every time a page is turned. It is a mix between classic and modern cars, between concept and production cars, between studio and on location shots… The goal was not to show the most important or significant models, something you could easily find on the internet, but to create visual pleasure through quality and exclusive photography.

To compile this book, Degler worked together with most Italian car museums, automotive companies, design centres and car collectors in Italy and worldwide. "Made in Italy" is completed with an initial section dedicated to “The Maestros”, where eleven automotive legends are portrayed and share some thoughts with us: Giampaolo Dallara, Leonardo Fioravanti, Marcello Gandini, Giorgetto Giugiaro, Flavio Manzoni, Paolo Martin, Horacio Pagani, Paolo Pininfarina, Ercole Spada, Alfredo Stola and Andrea Zagato.

“If you create something, it needs to be something never seen before, ” Degler maintains. The total cost of this colossal project exceeds €100,000. Since the first shot was taken, more than ten years have passed. "Made in Italy" has texts in both English and Italian. It is also printed in Italy using the best materials. To make it even more personal, Degler Studio self-edited it: “I wanted to create something each car-, photography- or design-enthusiast could proudly display in his living room, sharing it with friends and enjoying it from time to time. Being a perfectionist, I prefer to self-publish my books so I can have total control of the project. It becomes a more personal and complete work. I can choose the best materials, have no restrictions with the number of images or pages and can offer the best quality product, without profits in mind, unlike most publishers. This book represents my biggest and most important project.”

"Made in Italy" will be available in February but you can pre-order it now on the official website. Not only will you be the first one to receive it, but you can save 40% of the retail value. This promotion will only be available during the  launch campaign!

Discover more about this project and pre-order the book at the link below:

You can follow us on Instagram @degler_studio to keep updated through all the final production process.

We are also happy to announce that for each book produced we will plant two trees together with the Eden Reforestation Projects organisation. Although our books are made exclusively with cellulose fibres from sustainably-managed forests and guaranteed by our suppliers as being 100% FSC®wood, with this tiny initiative we wanted to do something in return for the environment.

Degler Studio




Todos los viernes, sábados, domingos y feriados, de 12 a 18 h.
Av. Pedro de Mendoza 2163.

El Teatro Colón es uno de los pocos en el mundo que tiene talleres propios donde se realizan en forma integral las escenografías, vestuarios (trajes, pelucas y calzados) y efectos especiales para las monumentales puestas en escena. Ahora vas a poder ver a poder estar frente a esas mismas creaciones que formaron parte de las obras que subieron al escenario del Colón. 

Esta propuesta abre las puertas a un mundo maravilloso para que descubras la magia que late detrás de escena. Aquí conviven el arte y el patrimonio, la producción de nivel internacional y los ancestrales oficios teatrales.

Podés hacer una visita guiada con personal del teatro, que dura alrededor de 40 minutos, u optar por un recorrido libre, con una permanencia máxima de 1 hora. Para adquirir las entradas en forma virtual, y con tarjeta de crédito o débito,  ingresá a la web del teatro. La otra alternativa es comprarlas en la boletería de Colón Fábrica.

Una invitación a una vivencia incomparable. 

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