martes, 1 de diciembre de 2015


… sensual and quietly yearning . . . Recorded in a spacious studio rather than an echoey church, the precisely tuned voices resonate, but the harmonies are clean enough for each unexpected twist and crunch to register beautifully, and the choir revels in the echoey spatial effects of Hieronymus's "Tota Pulchra Es". A full complement of accompanying instruments is used, including brass, strings and organ, but their contributions are mostly subtle, enhancing the texture without upstaging the voices.
Record Review / Erica Jeal, The Guardian (London) / 11. June 2015

Hieronymous's "Magnificat" thrusts us immediately into a gorgeous, multi-hued polyphonic throng of overlapping harmonies and counterpoints . . . ["Magnificat per omnes" is] even more grandiose and inventive.
Record Review / Andy Gill, Independent (London) / 29. June 2015

. . . a welcome addition to the DG catalogue . . . superb orchestral playing . . . exciting moment to moment . . . this repertoire achieves a certain new intensity here.

Record Review / Alexandra Coghlan, Gramophone (London) / 01. August 2015

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