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BAKU, Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan The show “Mask” is the Russian version of the world hit The Masked Singer.

The second place was also taken by an Azerbaijani – People’s Artist of Azerbaijan Yusif Eyvazov, who was hiding under the guise of “Lama”.

One step away from victory stopped the sweetest and kindest participant in the project – Lama. At the start of the season, he skillfully disguised his vocal abilities, but in each episode he performed a legendary hit that not everyone will take on: You Raise Me Up by the Irish-Norwegian duo Secret Garden, The Show Must Go On by the rock band Queen, “Love Like dream “by Alla Pugacheva, Still Loving You of the rock band Scorpions, the aria of the rock opera” Starmania “SOS d’un terrien en detresse and the final – Ave Maria. Each time the audience and the jury witnessed the real triumph of the world famous opera singer Yusif Eyvazov, who joked, was sad, rejoiced and amazed with his performance.

Yusif Eyvazov shared his impressions with NTV: “Guys, I can’t describe the feelings that overwhelm me now, because it was my dream – to go on this stage, to enter this project – from the very moment I saw the first release of the show last year. And this dream has come true, you have fulfilled it. When they called me and asked if I wanted to participate, I immediately agreed, although I knew that in January I had eight performances of “Turandot” at the Teatro alla Scala, in February – five performances in Paris. I didn’t understand how I would technically do it, but I agreed anyway, because for me it was a dream. With this amazing mask, I could be who I have never been, anywhere.

The crocodile faithfully and persistently walked towards his goal, his charisma, energy and charm beat absolutely everyone, and the jury called him a superstar. Jony, who had been hiding under the guise of Crocodile for three months, admitted that even during the first season he wanted to take part in the show and demonstrate what he had not shown earlier in his songs. And he did it for sure, because every time the jury and the audience reacted to his numbers was incredible. The judges of the project were able to guess the talented artist and named his name before removing the mask.

Ions: “How did you see me through? It’s just stunned. I have never experienced so many emotions in my life. In fact, I know why it turned out this way, why the “Mask” show is the best show in Russia. The answer is very simple: because all the people who are involved in this show are so bright, so kind and so radiant, and so passionate about their work that you just want to give yourself completely to this show. “

Yulia Parshuta (Snake) and Timur Batrutdinov (Zayats) also reached the superfinal. For three months, viewers closely followed the fate of 14 masks, trying to find an answer to the main question: “Who is hiding behind the mask?” Among the participants were: two-time Olympic champion Svetlana Khorkina (Black Panther), producer Iosif Prigozhin (Pineapple), People’s Artist of Russia Yuri Stoyanov (Banana), TV presenter, singer and actress Olga Buzova (Pink Panther), TV presenter and actress Marina Kravets (Sun) , singer Irina Dubtsova (Unicorn), singer and TV presenter Mark Tishman (White Eagle), singer Kirill Turichenko (Rhino), singer Stas Piekha (Tumbler).

The third season of the show will air on NTV in 2022. The show is produced by White Media. Photos provided by the press service of the NTV channel.

(Author: Vugar Imanov. Editor: Nadir Nasirov)


Scala: scintille Muti-Chailly dopo il concerto dei Wiener Philharmoniker

Fuori programma dietro le quinte nel camerino. «No comment» dai vertici del teatro

Scala: scintille Muti-Chailly dopo il concerto dei Wiener Philharmoniker

Martedì 11 maggio, al termine del concerto dei Wiener Philharmoniker diretto da Riccardo Muti alla Scala si è registrato un fuoriprogramma dietro le quinte. Muti avrebbe confuso la presenza della troupe Rai che aveva registrato il concerto con giornalisti di una qualche televisione pronti a carpirgli qualche dichiarazione. Non gradendo la loro presenza, si è rivolto in malo modo al direttore della Comunicazione della Scala. Peggio, raggiunto dal direttore musicale Riccardo Chailly, andato verso il suo camerino per congratularsi, Muti non lo avrebbe riconosciuto (a causa della mascherina), chiarendo che non voleva vedere nessuno e che era stato netto su questo punto. Quindi avrebbe concluso con un «Fuori dai…». Chailly avrebbe mantenuto un comportamento molto sereno lasciando perdere.

Dalla Scala «no comment», che non nega la circostanza ma non intende approfondirla. A contrario delle dichiarazioni del sovrintendente riportate dai giornali, che sono state dette prima della serata, sarà forse ora più complicato un ritorno del maestro napoletano per dirigere un’opera alla Scala. Come si sa l’addio di Muti al Piermarini dopo anni di direzione dal 1986 al 2005, fu burrascoso: l’orchestra, appoggiata dai sindacati, si rifiutò di dirigere un suo concerto. Questa volta i sindacati, venuti a conoscenza che la Scala stava per riaprire le porte a 500 persone (conseguenza diretta delle scelte del Governo), hanno chiesto che la prima riapertura coincidesse con una serata con orchestra e coro del teatro diretta dal loro direttore musicale, Riccardo Chailly. Serata che si è svolta con successo lo scorso lunedì 10 maggio.

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