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 As soon as the Mauritshuis reopens – 29 August 2021 - Scented flowers and perfumes, foul-smelling canals and unpleasant body odours, smell and well-being, new aromas from far-away lands (spices, tobacco, coffee and tea), the disappearing smells of the bleaching fields, old crafts and more. Can life in the seventeenth century be captured in smell? How are smell (and scent) portrayed? What significance did people attach to smell? And what aromatic connotations do artworks have? In this exhibition, the Mauritshuis will undertake smell-historical research. In the vicinity of the art, various historic scents will be prepared to bring the paintings in the exhibition to life.

Please note: In connection with the nationally tightened Corona measures, we will unfortunately have to keep the doors of the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis closed again until further notice. As soon as the museum reopens, this exhibition will open as well. We will keep you posted on our website, newsletter and social media channels

 Detail from Frans Hals’s painting, Portrait of Aletta Olycan, 1625, during restoration

Facelifts & make-overs

7 October 2021 t/m 9 January 2022 - Very few people know that there is a conservation studio in the Mauritshuis attic. A team of in-house conservators works there, dedicating their time to conservation, restoration and research and ensuring that the collection remains in top condition. In 2021 it will be some 25 years since the studio was installed in the attic. In Facelifts and Makeovers the most intriguing restorations of the past twenty years will be unveiled, including paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Hals, Steen and Rubens, but also by some lesser-known artists such as Cornelis de Heem and Jacob Ochtervelt. Restoring centuries-old paintings appeals to the imagination. What does it involve? What can we learn from conservation treatment? What do paintings look like ‘before’ and ‘after’? And what have been the most surprising findings?


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