lunes, 17 de julio de 2017


This Thursday, March 20th, Filip Custic (@filipcustic) and María Forqué (@maria7orque) will present a exhibition at the James Fuentes Gallery (@james_fuentes_llc).

The name of the exhibition is “Patafísica: Suspensión, Fragmentación”.

María and Filip have already performed at MoMA, and Filipe has exhibited at Colette, The Garage Museum of Moscow and a few Spanish galleries (since they are originally from Spain).

In the exhibition Filip will present a serie of photographed installations and videos, where he investigates the concept of the fragmentation, using the body as an object.

On the other side, María shows herself as a sculpture suspended in the air, using the Shibari Technic in collaboration with Jenni Henlser. She will be suspended for 3 hours (during the presentation). Nathan Corbin will create a sound to ambient the space.

This is surely something unique, if you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-track event this week!

We’re certain you’ll enjoy!

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