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For 80 years, the Dark Knight has stood as a symbol of determination, bravery and justice to generations of fans. Since appearing in the pages of DETECTIVE COMICS #27 on March 30, 1939, Batman continues to leave his mark in every form of entertainment imaginable. Appearing in countless comics, animation, television, films, video games, toys and other products, he remains the single most popular superhero. He would not be complete without the most iconic gadgets and of course, the Batmobile; not to mention, an unparalleled rogues gallery.

Batman is humanity’s timeless hero and he’s just getting started.
Join us for a year-long global celebration of the Caped Crusader! #LongLiveTheBat #Batman80 #Detective1000
Batman Bat-Tracker

Batman Day is almost here and to celebrate the Dark Knight’s 80 years as the World’s Greatest Detective, DC and Warner Bros. are lighting up the night skies by projecting the iconic Bat-Signal, as well as producing fan celebrations, in major cities around the globe on Saturday, September 21.

Scroll and zoom your way around the world in the map below for more information on these global celebrations!


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