viernes, 16 de junio de 2017


For his first solo show in France, Gareth Nyandoro has produced an installation inspired from the urban space and ephemeral sales sites, such as the stands of the Parisian “bouquinistes” (booksellers) on the banks of the Seine. Inhabited by famous African figures of sport, society and politics, his paper pieces can be deployed in space to become sculptures.

In his work, Gareth Nyandoro takes an attentive look at business exchanges and social interactions in the public space. Scenes of life, which he extracts from his environment, are depicted in ink on large superimposed strips of paper. Once the motifs have been applied to the blank sheets, Gareth Nyandoro cuts and lacerates with precision the pictorial layers into long, fine strips. This play of incisions reveals the colours of the lower sheets. A network of lines from these cuttings amplifies the depicted movements or else disturbs the figures which then tend towards abstraction.
 Curator: Adélaïde Blanc

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