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© Donación Jorn, Silkeborg /
Asger Jorn and his partner, Kirsten Lyngborg, 1936. Private photo. Museum Jorn.

28 February - 1 June 2014

Discover new aspects of one of the greatest Danish artists of all time, Asger Jorn, in the SMK’s spring exhibition of 2014. 

Asger Jorn is best known for his large, colourful paintings, but he has far more to offer. This exhibition presents every facet of Jorn’s extensive body of work – paintings, sculpture, drawings, prints, ceramics, architecture, collaborative efforts, photography, texts, and ideas.

The greatest highlights and rarely seen gems
The exhibition showcases an artist who was always evolving, always moving, presenting a selection of Jorn’s most important and best-known art as well as rarely seen works from private collections. The display ranges from Jorn’s political awakening in his youth to the liberation of colour and form during the Cobra years onwards to his increasingly avant-garde experiments.

An in-depth look at Jorn
Go to hell with your money bastard
That was Asger Jorn’s reply in 1964 when he was told, that he had won one of the prestigious awards given out by the Guggenheim Foundation. The quote is full of the unbridled devil-may-care attitude, that is so characteristic of Jorn. He remained politically engaged throughout his life and was unafraid of entering into public frays with other figures on the cultural scene. The more than 200 works presented in this exhibition allows you to gain in-depth insight into a truly unique figure within Danish art; someone whose experimental approach to art, life, and the world remains fresh, impertinent, and energetic today.

The exhibition was created in close collaboration with Museum Jorn in Silkeborg, which will also celebrate the centenary of Jorn’s birth by presenting a major exhibition about Jorn’s international connections and sources of inspiration.

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