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 Meet the female talents of contemporary Polish illustration and design, who take on social issues, humor, and observations of everyday life. Now on view through December 15.

Polish Cultural Institute New York

by Polish Cultural Institute New York

Left: Basia Grzybowska Flores, "Illustration of Women" (2015–2016), high quality print on mat 170g paper, 50cm x 70cm | Right: Basia Grzybowska Flores, "Me too" (2017), high quality print on mat 170g paper, 50cm x 70cm (photo courtesy the artist and The Spirit of Poland)

“Drawing from the rich traditions of the 1960s and ’70s, contemporary Polish design and illustration boast some poignant observations, a sense of humor, irony, clarity, and at the same time, a simplicity of form.

POLKI Hidden Power is an online exhibition that aims to take a closer look at Polish women, as well as the achievements of Polish illustration and design today. We present both the work of Polish illustrators as well as designers, particularly ceramists, that allude to the subject of womanhood in their works and the objects that embody their feminine strength in different ways.

Seeing through the eyes of Polish women not only provides us with a moment of reflection or admiration of aesthetics but also, sometimes through seemingly trivial, simple topics, touches upon important issues, such as a woman’s place in the world.

For centuries women were in a subordinate position in terms of their rights, voice, independence, and their social and familial status. They had limited choices and little freedom. The status of women may be different today — even though women’s rights are a relatively new and sometimes fragile matter in this world. Yet, does it still require any special strength, power, or determination to be a woman?

We invite you on a journey with nine Polish artists and their hidden powers.”

— Monika Brauntsch, Exhibition Curator, The Spirit of Poland Foundation

POLKI Hidden Power features both recognized and emerging Polish women artists, including Basia Grzybowska Flores, Maria Jeglińska, Izabela Kaczmarek-Szurek, Malwina Konopacka, Kaja Kusztra, Aleksandra Morawiak, Magdalena Pankiewicz, Sabina Samulska, and Ewelina Skowrońska. Short films on each artist are available for streaming as part of the exhibition.

Clever, a podcast about design, just came out with a new episode that includes a special presentation by exhibition curator Monika Brauntsch. Stream it at cleverpodcast.com.

Visit wanteddesignnyc.com/polki-hidden-power to view POLKI: Hidden Power.


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