lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2020


 For the first time in his career, Roberto Alagna is devoting an entire album to the great and beautiful French chanson. Alagna is passionate about music from all over the world and this time he is offering us a veritable declaration of his love for his French musical heritage: “Le Chanteur” introduces listeners to this legacy in a different way through the whole wealth of the various genres and diverse foreign influences that have helped to shape this medium’s identity.

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The album features swing, jazz, gypsy jazz, the lamento, the waltz, and the tango and through its highly personal approach to these songs, it conveys the tenor’s tremendous passion for music which,  full of character,  is instinct with vitality and feeling.  The result is a formidable tribute to the unforgettable melodies that we all know and that we have all hummed to ourselves. It is also an homage to their illustrious interpreters and composers.


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