martes, 29 de abril de 2014


apr 22, 2013 — jun 30, 2014

As one of the significant exhibitions for the opening of long museum, chinese traditional art from long collection, hosted by shan guolin and zhao li, displays traditional chinese artworks collected by liu yiqian and wang wei. among the exhibits, blue-and-white zun with winding branches pattern and three rams design and pink family revolving vase are excellent porcelains produced by the royal kiln during three periods of the qing dynasty. white jade ruyi-sceptre brush holder carved with pine branch and squirrel is an auspicious stationery piece. white jade ornaments with su wu sheepherding design is an exquisite jade work. in particular, ancient seven-stringed instrument in zhong ni style carved with the signature of zhu huiwen collection, is an elegant entertainment object for traditional chinese literati, will be displayed in this exhibition as well. these ancient art treasures reflect the development and lineage of chinese traditional art in a comprehensive and systematic way, and serve as good examples to show the extraordinary breadth and depth of chinese traditional culture.

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