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Deena ElGenaidi
The 136th installment of a series in which artists send in a photo and a description of their workspace. Want to take part? Submit your studio — just check out the submission guidelines.

Nick Arcidy, Los Angeles, CA
When I moved to LA after a lifetime up in the Northeast, I decided that no snow = I’m going to paint outside and get some people-watching in while I’m at it. I jump back and forth between my desktop inside, where the computer-driven part of my process is, and this painting space out here. As connected as my work is to the internet and video games, it’s important for me to leave that part of the process inside and just connect with the materials and focus without distractions when I move out to the easel. The space is pretty ideal, except for the one part of the rug that my dog Rex has peed on so many times that it’s materially a higher percent urine than it is rug.

 Jillian Mayer, Miami, FL
I must make my large sculpture outside due to the terrible materials I often use. I wear a chemical suit, two layers of gloves, and a respirator that includes goggles. I work under a large mango tree — which  I am allergic to — in order to up the stakes. My landlord jokes with me and says the area is now a Superfund site and that I must not take mangoes from the other tree, for they are his. He is excited about me shifting towards ceramics.

In order to keep my production from not spreading across the whole lot, an avocado tree marks my limits. Inside this avocado tree are very sneaky squirrels, but they are my friends, nonetheless. Working in Miami, I am fortunate to have lots of space and climate that allows for (almost) year-round working. I do hate the mosquitoes and have recently purchased a suit to keep them away, but like the mango tree, these flying jerks up the stakes. Since Miami is sinking and I work mainly outside, it’s impossible to not think about the timespan on the land. Thoughts related to that comment have greatly affected my work in the last year…………..

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